Smartkiosk Italy is an Italian company founded by an enthusiastic and energetic team with high experience and specialization in kiosks, projected in Europe and worldwide thanks to its technical ability to interpret, develop and produce smart and custom kiosk solutions.


  • Operating and informational indoor kiosks
  • Column and touch screen desktop totems
  • In compliance with ADA regulations
  • Versatile and customizable multimedia totems
  • Advanced and sophisticated solutions


  • Wide range of models and configurations
  • Elegant and refined Digital Signage totems
  • Column and wall totems
  • Digital Signage landscape, portrait and bifacial
  • Interactive and full optional kiosks


  • Solid and reliable multimedia operating totems
  • Interactive information and Digital Signage Kiosks
  • Column, wall solutions, in compliance with ADA regulations
  • Interactive kiosks equipped with hardware for dependability
  • Air-conditioned and protected from the sun and bad weather


In this section we report a series of case studies developed for various companies both private and public.

ID Kiosk

The interactive kiosk that recognizes visitors, identifies them, authenticate documents and distributes them the RFID card to enter the company … just in 3 minutes.Also available for e-hotels.


The integrated cash machine that handles payments in currency, bank notes and electronic payments. Ideal for parking lots, tickets, museums and, at the airport, for excess luggage.

On line shopping

Choosing via internet (or phone) and withdrawing the spending directly to the supermarket! You can, thanks to the advanced marketing of some supermarket chains and a fun interactive totem with preferential access for motorists.s

KSA - Kiosk Safety Adviser

Un supporto valido e innovativo per le imprese che ricercano la Sicurezza sul lavoro; Un sistema integrato hardware software, realizzato attraverso partnership specialistiche che, informa, comunica, riceve dati, monitorizza e gestisce le procedure e gli avvisi di sicurezza all’interno delle aree sensibili aziendali.

Bike Sharing

The totem that supports and looks after bike sharing clients. Elegant and alert, it makes itself available to provide information and technical support for bike sharing installations.


An integrated hardware-software system that consists of a totem for issuing coupons, a list 42" monitor with an integrated keypad, made with a specialized partner to solve any need of queue management.


The new integrated service to identify, record, provide "Cards" and allow access to games and competitions in Big Shopping Centers.


A real support to business production processes that use barcode to track internal processes: by means of a totem dedicated to reading, selecting and sending the collected data to the central control system (SAP).


A very innovative and addictive initiative connected to the world of amateur 5-a-side and 7-a-side football. Relive the excitement of your game by recording the highlights simply inserting your email on the Postgol kiosk... and see your game on all socials.

Services Overview

Our services for an interactive, always in top form, totem, properly installed and secured in time, because a totem off ... is not good for anybody.

Frequently Ask Questions

Smartkiosk was born with a precise and declared mission: putting the customer exactly in the middle of his project and drawing evolved, functional and stylish kiosk solutions around him. The objective is to transform ideas into projects, projects into reality. Smartkiosk designs and manufactures smart kiosks, able to give form and life to the customers’ specific needs by means of a product that meets the highest expectations, enhances visual impact and surprises for its reliability.
Our totems are planned and designed thinking exactly about the use they could have. Each model has certain structural features that enhance the provided functionality. The first thing to do, once it is established whether the model should be indoor or outdoor, is thinking about the functional priorities that our totem requires. Our range of products are designed according to priorities: there are the "operational" totems, that enhance the interactivity with the user and enable different functions (Oak, Polis); the design totems, which enhance the aesthetic characteristics (Skyline, Aleph), and the informational ones (Smile, Seven, Miro, Smart): simple, cheap and functional to taste and location. If you need large screens, you have to look at the Digital Signage and assess the position (or wall Ivy, or column Virgo). If the priority is accessibility, then the Quasar, Planair and Pisa models are forced choices.
Smartkiosk production usually provides a 40% realization of totems designed and manufactured on specific customers’ requirements; our Engineering department knows how to recommend the best solution, optimized from a construction point of view and able to meet the more disparate aesthetic and technological demands. Surely, it will take a little more time for delivery and perhaps will cost a little more for lesser quantities, but certainly you can create custom solutions in both design and functionality. Just look at the section Case Histories: half of the proposed solutions comes directly from our customers' requirements.
Our activity extends to the entire life cycle of our product and becomes reality in three key moments: Installation on site, assistance on site throughout Europe and lifetime warranty. Of course this work starts already at the planning stage. Our products have been simple to manage since birth. Large front maintenance ports, careful selection of the hardware components and absolute ergonomics in internal positioning, accurate and effective air conditioning and ventilation systems, maximum accessibility for the replacement of hardware components. In addition, a shared cloud system allows us to give our customers and our technical partners all the necessary know-how to provide real-time care of our products throughout the world.
Smartkiosk has planned and designed a wide range of IT and operating solutions according to a rational methodology, fully geared to provide clear and immediate answers to the various requests. Our products have been conceived and designed just to meet specific needs: for example, a particularly clean and refined design, or the ability to support high functionality or host complex and cumbersome hardwares, or even a particularly simple and economic solution oriented to a specific service. So the design work proceeds for subsequent steps, each of which is supported by a series of quality controls, in order to ensure a correct and reliable development of the product. Once at the end of the path, the prototype is produced and subjected to a further series of controls, both from the physical and from the functional point of view. Only afterwards the model goes into the production phase and becomes "standard."
A totem can be used to perform services in an unattended place as if there was a dedicated person 24 hours a day. It can convey your image or that of your customers. It is a way to be available to your guests while you are gone, a way to be present while you are busy and to manage them as you are dealing with others. A totem carries out preordained sequential tasks, leaving the staff free to follow practices that only a person can follow. It is a tool for monitoring and verification. It is the machine that adds value to the work of the staff and makes life easier. It helps employees, tourists, visitors, curious and anxious people manage queues, exhibition tools, videos, tutorials. It provides tools and entertainment. A totem stimulates the imagination, enhances creativity and increases productivity .. and above all does not disturb anyone!

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