Smartkiosk offers and recommends its customers to not neglect the maintenance and service of the products purchased, as it is on this that will depend the efficiency and durability of the products, especially of those installed outdoors.
The Service offered by Smartkiosk is organized through a partnership with outside companies of the sector that operate anywhere in the country, and even in those European countries where Smartkiosk develops its market.
Through an elaborate shared computer system all the technical hardware and software that are then shared with the technical partner are entered in the system for each customer. Thus this can access, via web and mobile, the hardware and software Technical Support, dedicated to tutorials with videos related to maintenance procedures and replacing of the hardware components provided on that particular product, to tabs and timelines for interventions of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, so that you can manage independently, but always under the supervision of Smartkiosk, a complete and effective service on products installed in your area of ​​expertise.
In addition, depending on the amount and type of Service selected, the partner has a hot spare pack, ie a set of parts of the product directly at their location, so as to carry out any interventions in less time, by 8-24 hours.
You can download the Standard Support contract with options in the Download section.