Bike Sharing


The totem that supports and looks after Bike Sharing customers. Elegant and alert, it makes itself available to provide information and technical support for the installation of Bike Sharing.
Smartkiosk has gained experience in bike sharing in support of domestic and foreign companies that need an elegant and efficient hardware terminal to support their positions. Smartkiosk product range lends itself to varied and custom solutions that can guarantee originality to partners working in the specific sector. From purely aesthetic and promotional solutions to operating totems, supporting advanced capabilities within the management procedures of Bike Sharing, through the development of its Virgo and Oak Outdoor models.

Bike Sharing Naples is a research project of CleaNap association, which won the tender “Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation” of MIUR – PON Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013, part-financed by the ERDF for the Convergence Regions, supported by the City of Naples and ANM.
Bike sharing is a service of alternative and sustainable mobility spread throughout Europe, different from bike rental. It is a real public transport system for short trips, based on a network of cyclostations (sampling points and bicycle storage) that goes to integrate the use of traditional means of transport. It is a simple, ecological and economic system that allows a wider use of the city and pedestrian areas, benefits the environment and traffic and is ideal for both citizens and tourists.
In the pilot phase of our project are provided 100 bicycles and 10 intermodal cyclostations distributed between the Central Station of Naples and the waterfront to Piazza Vittoria. Also, through the website and the app for Android and iOS, the innovative motor of the project, the user can:
view the availability of bicycles and car parks in real time
book and collect his bike directly through the app
discover tourist, or suitable for cyclist, itineraries
visit places of historic and artistic interest and local activities
share his activities on social networks
The association CleaNap deals with sustainability, environmental and social innovation.