On line Shopping


Choose via internet (or phone) and withdraw the spending directly to the supermarket! You can, thanks to the advanced marketing of some supermarket chains and a nice interactive totem with preferential access for motorists.
Powered by a modified Oak model, both indoors and outdoors, it comes from the idea of one of our customers: to enable the internet booking of shopping at the supermarket and find it ready for delivery at the store, without even going out of your car.
Through a dedicated software, the client, after making his purchases online, goes to the store chosen, is identified by the totem at the entrance (specially made for car height), and receives precise instructions on where to pick up his spending. The system comes with a variety of customization services for any customer’s use, and allows you to offer advanced and innovative services. A clear example of how a good idea and a custom totem can make a real functional project in a short time.