The internal production system is built around two simple concepts: quality and respect of deadlines. The production process differs between Standard Solutions and Custom Solutions. Thanks to the analysis of market demands, we will devise standard chassis of the most interesting solutions for the market, so as to have in stock good part of the most required products, with only the customization process to be completed at the time of order. This allows a faster delivery of standard production, in a time ranging between 10 and 15 working days.
The custom product requires instead a different focus: we start from the design of variants and integrally produce the required solution, considering, in case of high amounts, the realization of a prototype to be checked with the client. In this case the delivery times are defined in 25/35 working days.
Our products can however be customized from the aesthetic point of view without changing the manufacturing process, and our customers choose freely the background colour and the application of a graphic film (wrapping) with which to customize their product without additional rate and cost increase.