Quasar is the latest Smartkiosk creation, a particularly information product which − for ease of access and consultation− is perfectly suited for high traffic places. The user-friendly and innovative line is characterized by originality and ergonomics. Access is especially designed to be easy for anyone, especially for disabled users, in full compliance with ADA regulations about accessibility. The horizontal display allows a wide and linear consultation and the display positioning at less than 150 cm eases the use of 21.5”, 32″ or 42″ touch screen for complete and comprehensive information from every point of view. Quasar is designed in outdoor version with stainless steel housing, security lock, HB display and inside air conditioning system.


21.5” Indoor/outdoor
32” Indoor/outdoor
42” Indoor/outdoor (Landscape)


90x25x170 – 140x25x170 – (WxDxH)


2 RAL code colours.


Original and innovative line
In compliance with ADA regulations
Available in 21.5” and 32″- horizontal 42″


Dimensions (cm)

  • 90x25x170 140x25x170


  • indoor


  • 21,5"
  • 32"

User Interface

  • touch screen

Card Reading

  • Hybrid Card reader magnetic /chip
  • Mothorized Hybrid Card reader
  • RFID Mifare


  • Receipt Printer

Adds On

  • Web camera
  • Card dispenser
  • Intercom Voip